Parting Gift

The place we’re currently renting has only three trees – two small pines of some sort, and a grevillea – from my bit of research, I think the grevillea is a ‘strawberry blond’. During the two years that we’ve lived here, it’s gone from a small young shrub to quite a big tree – taking a most of the (admittedly small) front court yard. We’ve enjoyed watching it grow and it has attracted its share of honey-eaters and bees which the kids have loved watching.

We’re in the middle of culling, sorting and packing in anticipation of moving to our little bit of acreage (finally!) in the new year, so imagine my delight when I discovered that the grevillea had kindly self seeded in an old pot I had under the tree.

Self seeded grevillea

Apart from a grove of gumtrees at the front and back of the property, our new place is severely lacking in natives (but unfortunately not lacking in palm trees) so I’m hoping this grevillea will do as well at our new place as its ‘mother’ has in its inner-city environment.


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